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[ Supernatural] Convenção Asylum 8

Mark pellegrino - Painel

AerithQOC:Mark pellegrino wants a fight between mishas minions and lucifers legions haha
'i enjoy flagulating sam. *crowd screams* oh i bet YOU all enjoy flagulating sam' - Mark

Pellegrino being wordy and naughty

Mark pellegrino has worked out that crowley is king of the stupid people

Mark pellegrino is singing stairway to heaven with a fan. Hes a great singer!

When lucifer was in castiels head he (in mark p's words) 'tickled castiels fancy'

Mark p says lucifer wears nicks wedding ring cos it shows some of nick still in there (also mark forgot to take it off)

little girl asked to be lucifers apprentice&mark p said 'ok your first task is to go out&mug someone' then he realised what he said
minimasical:Lucifer enjoys flagellating Sam

Mark P's most challenging role was Hamlet. They worked on it for 2 years

Mark is not a fan of hairy balls per se, but the song Big Balls is awesome

Mark is singing Stairway to Heaven with a fan

Lucifer would have tickled Cas' fancy when he was in his head
KnowMeSee:Mark Pellegrino is on stage now - straight after Steven :) He doesn't know about Beatrix Potter's Jemima Puddle Duck lol
waywardlou:Mark P: "Hamlet is a cocksucker"

Question to Mark "How much do you like big balls?"

Mark wears the wedding ring because the vessel, Nick, was in mourning for his wife and child...

& he kept it on as a reminder of t humanity of t person Lucifer possessed. Or for continuity reasons. 1 or t'other.

"They should do a show about what happened to Nick after Lucifer took Sam's body as a vessel"

"Everybody acts everyday of their lives. And better than people in films"
_rumour_:Mark Pellegrino is singing Stairway To Heaven! :D
gjthornton:Mark P: "I'm not a fan of hairy balls, per say..."

Mark P: "I think I would of tickled Cas' fancy"

Mark P: "I'm going to become Sebastian for a minute" *does perfect accent* "Come here we're all naked!"
SpnMaisieDaisy:Pellegrino on stage AHAHAHAHA he's singing stairway to heaven with a fan lol
SpnChloeJayne:@guynormanbee just crashed mark pellegrino's panel! How cute! :)
watata:Mark pelligrino singing stairway aughdkcbdcbimbbxydximsx
worrynet:Mark P asked 'a girl' why she asked to pich her ear on photo op. She said just wanted to make funny pose. I failed ;(

Nick's wedding ring is a Mark P's idea.

Mark P is teaching us about acting. He is a great teacher.

Guy Bee rushed into Mark P's panel and told they are friends for so long - I forgot, maybe 20years. :0 *lovely*

Steven Williams - Painel

@knowmesee:At Steven William's panel - this man's energy is crazy :) I can hear him talk lol & he says 'blam' everytime it's time 4 a question

I FUCKING love Steven Williams lol - he's awesome :) Say's he got into acting to laid rofl

Steven Williams says of course he'd love for Rufus to return
@spnchloejayne:Rufus has just appeared on stage!!
@minimasical:David from the X Files probably played a role in getting Steven off the show

J2 were afraid of Steven when he started

I get up, go to set and play and get paid for it

Steven gor into acting to get laid. It worked
@_rumour_:Steven Williams is saying 'British acting systems are great cause America has fucking stars that ain't stars, jersey fucking shore'
@anthemcityguns:"OF COURSE I WANT TO COME BACK." Steven Williams

"I got into acting to get laid." "Did it work?" "It's still working!" Steven Williams

"If you notice, Dean drinks more than Rufus!" Steven Williams

"You haven't been in the auditorium either! I just said what attracts me to any character, any part... RENT." Steven Williams
@marie610:This old man is sooooo freakin funny!!! Rufus aka Steven Williams!
@dbcoolbreeze:"Some of these Guys are homicidal maniacs"
@morgandianna:Steven Williams is fucking perfect!! So passionate and great fun to listen to
@aerithQOC:Steven williams wants rufus back to fully develop him. And he says he got into acting to get women haha

Steven williams was asked how it feels to be on spn and he summed it up by dancing wildly around the stage

Steven williams is going on a little rant about the 21 jump street movie haha
@waywardlou:Steven on life: "you pop out of a vagina + strangers keep telling you about shit. You've got to filter some of that out"
@carachameleon:Steve Williams "You pop out of a vagina and strangers start telling you shit. That is the sum total of everyones life in this room"
@maddyhearmon:Steven Williams is the sassiest person ever
@worrynet:Steven Williams rules the floor. He talks about 'interact' in con. :)

Steven W talks about 21 Jump Street. He said TV show and feature are so much different.

Mark Sheppard - Painel

@the13thmagpieMark Sheppard is straight into talking about Doctor Who and the TARDIS :)
And now we've moved onto chocolate hobnobs, superwho and superwholock :)

@WaywardLou:Mark Sheppard re fandom "are we prettier than the star trek people?
"Supernatural fans and Firefly fans are similar in their fervent ardour"
If he could play any other character he'd chose Lucifer. Or he'd play Castiel. But like a man
Questioner: "what genre are you going to take over next?" Audience member: "Porn!"
Mark's 6 yo son is in audience

@KnowMeSee:Mark Sheppard knows about SuperWhoLock :D
A girl asked about Mark's music - he said that his wife bought him a drumkit(!
Mark Sheppard has got his tea at last - and screamed at how got the cup is lol
Mark Sheppard says he'll talk about the s7 finale tomorrow, not today
Someone asked if Mark S supports a football team? Someone shouted Man. City. He replied, Man. City drop dead. Lol
Someone asked if Mark S would like to appear on Top Gear - he said of course
Mark Sheppard's panel is nearly over... His young son, William just asked what Crowley's son would be called :)

@irismay42:Mark Sheppard says his dog is called Growley!
Mark would have liked to be Lucifer or Cas if not Crowley

@TwistOfFaith_X:Christian Kane is the Misha Collins of Leverage! Well. Mark Sheppard says he is...
According to Mark S Castiel= baby in a trench coat.

@_Rumour_:Mark Sheppard says he's desperate to get on BBC Sherlock, he's fan-girling at the moment :)
Mark Sheppard says Gabriel should come back :

‏@MorganDianna:Mark S's favourite Crowley Quote: 'where's your moose?

@minimasical:Mark liked filming the final scenes of this season. And is admonishing the room for not having all watched 7.23 yet
He is exorting everyone to get downloads of the episode. Yep
Crowley dialogue is fun to write, and everyone wants to do it cos he's such an ass
Jim Beaver - Painel

@izzyreed:Jim Beaver: Jim has been in 11 countries in the last 10 days
Jim Beaver: a fan read Jims book after losing her parents and his book helped her. Jim is hugging he
Jim Beaver: Kim was the second ever girl he got to kiss on screen

@McFly4eva111:Jim Beaver trying to avoid talking about kissing Mark Sheppard
Jim called the crazy fangirls 'cute as hell' :D

@KnowMeSee:Jim Beaver loves to kiss people without stubble lol. His first on screen kiss was with someone called Molly from Deadwood
A girl studying Japanese at Uni is having a conversation with Jim Beaver in Japanese :)

@ukheatherCarrie on stage with Jim B

@AerithQOC:Jims got a non smoking tshirt on that says 'there are cooler ways to die
Jim didnt know whether or not he was gonna come back after deaths door. He got a lot of maybes about it
The cast played a vid about bobby over 7 seasons to trick jim into thinking bobby wasnt coming back
Jim and carrie are growling 'lustfully' at eachother haha
Jim beaver became addicted to peanut butter and banana sandwiches on set
Holy crap!!! Carrie just grabbed jim and kissed the crap outta him haha

@minimasical:Jim didn't enjoy the wheelchair season
But he met Carrie and loved Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid in that season
He doesn't really have a favourite season, he more has favourite episodes or scenes.
jim thinks Jared is the bane of Misha's existence because he just can't stop himself laughing

Jim says he enjoyed working with the guest star chap who played older Dean in The Curious Case of Dean Winchester

Matt Cohen e Carrie - Painel

@irismay42:Matt and Carrie-Ann on stage! Matt felt like a rock star after last night's karaoke
Matt wants young John to travel forward in time. But he'd love to play Michael again. Or young and older John to meet as loves JDM
Carrie went drinking with Brazilian soccer players in Amsterdam.
Matt is freaking me out as he's wandering around the audience with his mic!
Matt demonstrated The Jerk - dance @dicksp8jr makes him do at conventions!
Carrie fell in love with @jumblejim before she even met him.
Carrie and Jim B's daughters are both called Madeleine Rose!
Matt thinks young John was a better vessel for Michael than Adam but Jake Abel did a great job.
Matt and @dicksp8jr bonded as both scared of flying. "When we got off the plane we were married."
Matt can't talk about practical joke J2 played on him as its x-rated!

@minimasical:Matt wants both Johns to meet face to face and loves JDM
Acting on Supernatural helped Carrie through depression
Matt would take Jensen's lips and Jared's biceps
Carrie would take Jared and his gorgeous back muscles

Misha Collins - Painel

@the_wee_Scot:#asylum8 the Dalek is back!

@HamilltheHunter: Misha just took a video of us!

@izzyreed:Misha: Is about to tweet a video of us
Misha: just fake collapsed on stage
Misha: when misha first started on spn he tried hard to not laugh in a scene. Now he doesn't try to stop
Misha: Jared isn't subtle about his teasing on set. Jensen does subtle winks and makes Misha crack u
Misha: Mishas grandad patented Banana flavoured sugar
Misha: misha just tackled the convention host off of the stage because he doesnt want to leave the stage

@worrynet:"I love you Misha!!!" "Mom? I don't know you're comin.

@Emony:Talking about last night's karaoke w Mark Pelligrino
Balthazar would win twister between Balthazar, Cas and Gabriel, because he's so used to contorting
Some girl showing Misha obscene pictures on her phone (why?) #a8 #asylum8 From Tumblr apparently.
Misha feels terrible about being so well liked. #a8 #asylum8 He's still mocking the girl w the obscene photo.
He wants to talk about the finale. Big no in the audience.
Misha is better at dealing with Jared and Jensen making him laugh on set now. Jared improvs groping his balls.
Misha just lies on his back and let's J2 do whatever they want
Jensen's worse. Jared's pranks have no subtlety. Jensen blows him kisses
Girl just gave Misha a pack of false mustaches.
Misha is trying to find a way to talk about spoilers without spoiling.
"put that away Dean, I'm not into that" - misha's fav line. Didn't make the cut ;)
Loony w a monkey pretending her monkey is asking a question. #a8 #asylum8 Misha snuck in a finale reference.
Moustache is now adhesive side up on the chair, so it'll stick to someone's arse
We will do gishwhes again. Talking about bacon babes calendar
Woman in bacon babes calendar is a friend of Misha's who is a stripper. Distortion was fisheye camera lense
We are explaining what skint means.
Was Misha able to draw from real life experience for his Nip/Tuck character's "problem". It's a yes ;)
Bob Singer expected some of Dick jokes to get cut by Standards and Practices. But they didn't read the script!
West is transitioning out of his Peaches phase, but that was preferable to the baby music.
Misha is talking about his light motif, music for the character. He listens to lots of baby music at the moment
Spn musical episode, he would sing Peaches or Rafi. He just sang us some Rafi.
Misha wants to be on Dr Who. He wants us to make it happen. Threaten the producers etc
Misha is being photographed w Doug's homemade dalek.

@gjthornton:Me: "He sang about his balls!" Misha: "He did WHAT to your balls?!"
Misha: "I think that is a shaven muff!" *he falls to the floor* "It's too early for porn!"
Misha: "It's considered 'unprofessional' to fondle your fellow actors balls below the frame"
Misha: "It's too early for spit or swallow jokes!"

@irismay42:Misha was hoping for new clothes when Cas went crazy. But he got a downgrade instead!
Q: how do you feel about Cas coming into the show and becoming so popular? Misha: I feel just terrible. ;)
Misha is desperate to talk about finale but hardly anyone has seen it here so crowd objected!
Jared apparently likes to fondle screen partners' - er - privates under camera to get them to laugh!
Jared was always getting Misha to crack but now Jensen does it too - blows kisses and winks at him so no one sees!
Misha doesn't think Cas will stay crazy forever, but writers have to impede the boys having such a powerful ally.
Misha looks like a porn star in a fake moustache right now.
Misha's English accent? Think Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins!
Misha is beeping out spoilers!
Misha is beeping out spoilers in a finale question. About Dick jokes.
Bob Singer expected some of Dick jokes to get cut by Standards and Practices. But they didn't read the script!
Misha wants fairy bells to ring every time he appears on screen in SPN!
Misha: music wise, until he grew out of it, West only listened to Peaches
Misha is beating up Dougie because he doesn't want his panel to end!
DJ Qualls - Painel

@irismay42:DJ has Mr Shizzles - he smells better than Mr Fizzles!
J2 put gay porn under the table where DJ kept looking while doing scene! He doesn't trust them! Jared got him drunk at lunchtime!
DJ just jumped off stage to hug girl at mic who forgot her question. She said he smells really nice!
DJ: Garth is a bad ass who shops at Wal Mart!
DJ is recording a phone message for a con goer's girlfriend who isn't here and is a massive fan
DJ lived in the UK for 6 years from age 18. He's now talking about his love for Downton Abbey!
DJ knows Jared's his friend because his was the only congrats tweet he responded to when Thomas was born. Awwwww.

@izzyreed:DJ Qualls: Has been pranked by J2. Jared got him drunk before his first scene
DJ Qualls: says supernatural is the most unprofessional show he's ever worked on and he loves it
DJ Qualls: has stolen a badger off the stage and is keeping it
DJ Qualls: was scared about coming to this as it is his first convention. He feels safe with us
DJ Qualls: just did the it's tricky dance on stage
DJ Qualls: enjoys getting drunk and yelling at 30's movies

@SpnMaisieDaisy:Jared told DJ not to make up any stories because the fans know more about the story and will hurt him Ahaha Jared's words!
DJ said Spn is the moat unprofessional job he's ever had Ahaha he loves it so much!

@MorganDianna:dj's 1st impression of show: is it about two former models hunting models?
dj is hinting that garth and sam might team up in season 8!

@baratheons:DJ: "if I was the worst looking guy in the world - im in movies! Of course I'm getting laid!"

@Abby67Impala:DJ says him and j2 were actually kinda tipsy when filming the drunk eppy :')
DJ describes the fandom as a 'wall of love' and nearly started crying at our reaction to him on stage

@minimasicalDJ knew Jared casually before doing SPN and then try became really good friends

Misha Collins beija Kim Rhodes

Fonte: All spn

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