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[Supernatural] BurbankCon 2012- Parte 5

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Video e foto bolo de aniversário do Jensen Ackles

Jensen Ackles e Jared Padalecki Painel - Tweets

- Jared checks Jensen's teeth.
- Jensen discussing live theatre...he loves the rush of a live crowd.
- Jared : PUDDING!!
- Jared is happy Dean is always wearing the costumes
- Who were you most excited to have back after death? Jared : Pretty happy when Sam came back...
- J2 want Bobby, Cas, Chuck, John, the wendingo back...not the clowns.
- Most awkward fan experience? Someone said "Double hug me", Jared thought they said something else. (Jensen dies...)
- Jared : the boys shouldn't take their own advice, cuz that would be boring.
- Jen discussing Misha's Cas voice & how weird he thought it was.
- Jared : Jensen thought Misha was REALLY weird when they first met...made them nervous
- Dark Angel question : what was it like playing 2 characters? Ben was bad, so he played bad. Alec was good but cocky
- Jared is upset next question is for Jen, so he knocks over his chair and sits pouting on the floo
- Jen : I'm Batman. Jared : yeah, you're batman.., #Burcon
- Jen doing impression of us : "Get this sluts away from our boys!!!"
- Best kept adlib? SON OF A BITCH!! Also Dean EATING constantly...
- Guilty pleasure shows? Jen is proud to say he's never seen Jersey Shore. Jared likes Top Chef.
- Jen likes Biggest Loser cuz Alison Sweeny hosts, and because it's helping people.
- 1st con experience? Jared : s1, had no idea what to do/say, cuz it was an all included panel. They wanted Gilmore Girls stuff
- Where's the handprint? 1) Cad healed it in Swan Song or 2) the TRUE STORY -- "They FORGOT!" says Jensen
- If Dean could go back, he'd never had gone to Lisa & Ben. Jared: Sam wouldn't let Dean kill that Ruby chick...
- Jared : Maybe the handprint is now on Sam. (Jen puts a hand on his butt.)
- What ep would you NOT have done? Jared : ep where he broke his wrist. Jensen : the PE outfit.
- Signature dance move? Jen: I get on the dance floor & leave when music starts. #Burcon
- Last one! How do YOU want it to end? Jared: Blaze of glory, or it was all a dream
- Jen : Sam & Dean retire to a home in Florida. On a beach somewhere.
- Jared say/s fans inspire them back. Gen & Jared are gonna match the donation!!!
- Richard is bringing up a birthday cake!!
- Jen trying to avoid looking at the cake...Rich won't let him!!
- JEN SMASHED HIS CHIN INTO THE CAKE and Jared did likewise!!

- Jared turned his chair around and Jensen asked What are you doing? You're making me nervous
- Jared: raise your hand if you can't hear us...then why are you all raising your hand?
- Jensen talking about game Clue: It was Sam Winchester in the bathtub with a rubber ducky.
- Glitter bomb scene was done late at night. Jared was not happy. The laughter was acting. They demonstrated.
- Jensen: Supernaturalpalooza. His reaction to fan asking about having all musicians play together.
- Jared just called Jensen Dean
- Jensen hurt his elbow on the bottom of the tombstone in All Hell Breaks Loose. He was in severe pain and wanted to cry thru the scene.
- Jensen says he's never stopped getting butterflies before he performs but he thrives on it
- "You mean when will Dean stop having to wear the stupid costumes? Yeah I'd like to know that too." -Jensen Ackles
- "I just peed a little!" - Jensen when first seeing Misha act out the scene when Cas was taken over by Leviathons.
- "How much fun is it to watch them do everything right?" - Jensen, about the boys making many mistakes in their lives.
- New funniest moment of the con: the guys each pantomiming birth. Too hard to explain why, but trust me
- Jensen: "The crew is kind of our family. A very dysfunctional family, but a family nonetheless."
- Jensen: (On a crew member's 5 year old kid) "We have conversations with her. She didn't even exist when the show started."
- Jared: "I was pretty excited when Sam came back."
- Jared: "I'd like to see Bobby back." Jensen: "Bobby, Cas, John Winchester, the wendigo, the scarecrow."
- Jensen says that one time a fan lowered a note pad down with a fishing line and it hit him on the head. He signed it.
- Jensen: (On the musicians): "We support them, but we aren't their booking agents."
- Jensen: "I was acting... We're actors. It's what we do."
- Jensen is fake-laughing. It's adorable.
- Jared is sitting on the stage sulking because everyone keeps asking Jensen questions
- Jared is making noise so we don't hear the question for Jensen.
- Sam eats salads because Jared does not like eating on camera.
- ared: "I think Sam would never have let Dean kill that Ruby chick. I think he would devise some kind of cage apparatus."
- Jensen says that the writers would have reshot the shirtless scene with the handprint there, but they decided that Cas healed it.
- Jared isn't afraid of clowns. Jensen: "Oddly enough, they scare the hell out of me... I would shoot them now."
- Jensen: "Wait, you're pregnant?" Jared: "I know, I'm barely showing."
- Jensen let Jared walk out alone. "Now you know how it feels." #burcon" (Cha's note: because Jared was late and Jensen had to go out alone for breakfast at first.)
- if SPN was a board game would it be? JP: "Twister." JA: "Clue; Sam Winchester in the bathtub with a rubber ducky. I win.
- JA: "To be honest, we don't really take rehearsal that seriously."
- Before Jared worked with Misha he asked Jensen about him. Jensen told him: "He's good, he's good, but he's weird."
- After Jensen's 1st con (Asylum) he called Jared and told him: "dude, we need to do more of these; people actually like us!"
- Jensen: how do we bring in more male viewers? Hot chicks. Unfortunately that made all of YOU mad
Jim Beaver e Richard Speight Painel - Tweets

- Rich pretends to forget his own last name
- Questions about Justified...Jim wants to do an ep with Rich, but when you die there, you're kinda gone.
- Jim : on Justified, you can be in the make up trailer and STILL not know what your ep is about.
- Rich finds gal who got kissed by Rick. "He took Q&A and made it more T&A...
- What have you stolen from SPN? A couple books were snagged from Bobby's house, as Jim's a bibliophile.
- Rich "married" Matt on a plane in New Jersey. He says he's the most unfaithful & promiscuous homosexual of all time.
- Fave behind the scenes moment? Bringing Maddie up to the set last August for the 1st time & she met Bob Singer..
- Maddie said she wanted to be on SPN. Demanded why lighting was taking so long. Bob said she'll become a producer.
- Jim : J2 like to make up their own dialogue to throw people off. And they REALLY like doing it to Jim.
- A guy asking a question! What's actually in the booze bottles? "Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder..."
- "The expensive seats are complaining..." says Rich. Crowd goes wild.
- Rich was deeply affected by the D Day scene from Private Ryan.
- While seeing Day of the Locust, Jim was asked to "cry quieter".
- Jim's fave line from The Searchers? "That'll be the day..." in a John Wayne voice.
- Most difficult prop? "We talking SPN or my Cinemax career...?"
- Rich turns a ? about superstition into "How exactly do you worship Satan?"
- Jim isn't too worried about demon's coming out of the woodwork.
- Discussing beer throwing and Tim Omundson.
- Tim is the "Chia pet of American television."
- Ever been mistaken for another actor? Long time ago Jim was mistaken for John Lennon.
- Fans would speak Klingon to Cecily at cons
- Rich doesn't get to pick his own candy on the show...and eating on screen is a NIGHTMARE cuz of continuity issues
- JENSEN!!!!
- Who would Jim have guest on SPN? "I wonder what Kiera Knightley's doing..."
- Being in a wheelchair presented challenges regarding cables and hitting marks.
- Rich met a LOT of WWII vets for Band of Brothers
- Rich : Boxers! Jim : Who needs em??
- Deadwood was Jim's other favorite show to work on. Richard's was Band of Brothers.
- Richard:: Rick turned a Q&A into a T&A
- Who are you cheating on? Matt or Chad? Richard: I am the most unfaithful and promiscuous homosexual on #Supernatural
- J2 tried to make Jim break character all the time. #burcon
- Q: most difficult prop to work with while saying lines? Jim: firing a shotgun because it's set up for right-handed but he shoots left.
- @jumblejim just referred to himself as "ex supernatural". ALL MY CREYS #burcon
- . @dicksp8jr ad @mattcohen4real got married last year but dick is "the most promiscuous homosexual on the cast" and cheats lol
- "I am the most promiscuous & unfaithful homosexual in the cast." - Richard Speight Jr.
- "ooooh the expensive seats are complaining." - Richard Speight Jr after taking a lot of q's from back of room.
- Both Richard Speight Jr and Jim Beaver say they are softies & cry at almost anything on TV, movies, etc
- "Who cares?" - Jim Beaver when asked who he would choose to die (Sam or Dean) if it meant Bobby could come back.
- "Well you're halfway there Jim." - Richard Speight Jr when Jim Beaver said he'd like his super power to be super bad breath.
- Jim took some books from set
- what's in the alcohol bottles on the show? Richard- Absinthe!
- Jim- In the alcohol bottles it's waterwd down coke! Richard said Really Jim NOT Pepsi?!?!
- what tv show or movie has made u cry? Jim- pretty much anything with the rock in it!
- if Gabriel sang Karaoke it would be Love Shack! If bobby did it would be Some Enchanted Evening or Rock Lobster!
- how would u like to see Bobby return Jim- Sheriff Mills gives me mouth to mouth rescusitation!
- Richard told Jensen that the Jensen lookalike contest was later on!

- Jim says that Bobby steals his books from the prop department. Or buys them on Amazon
- Jim: "I'm a wimp. I cry at everything."
- Jim: "Who's Gabriel? ...I wasn't in that one."
- If they had to kill a character to come back on a show, Jim would kill "the tall one." Richard says: "Who cares? Kill them all."
- Richard:"It just shows how difficult murder can be."Jim:"On tv you have to do it on multiple angles. In real life, once will do it."
- Jim: (To Richard) "Get you on Psyche? I've been trying to get you off Supernatural!"
- Jim says "idjits" was in the script. When he saw it he said "Idjits? Really?
- Richard: "When I got on the show, neglected to read the script until I was on the plane. I thought I was just a janitor."
- Jensen said he lost a Jensen look alike contest three times.
- Jim said he chose to be an actor by "being completely incapable of doing anything else.

Jensen Ackles e Jared Padalecki Painel - Fotos

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