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[Supernatural] BurbankCon 2012 - Parte 4

Entrevista, Matt, Richard e Robbert

Misha Collins: Misha abraça seu "gatinho interior"

Karaoke : Bad Romance

Todo o cast cantando Bad romance de lady gaga

Chad Lindberg on WhoSay

Jensen e Jared: Café da manhã

Jensen e Jared: Café da manhã- Tweets


Just Jensen so far. No Jared yet. Transportation mix up. So jensens entertaining us
Jared has arrived. And there was a J2 hug
Danneel threw Jensen a bday dinner party last night. Jared and Steve Carlson both attended
Jensen lowered his microphone to his crotch. Jared replies, Ah, the stories it could tell
Jensen thinks 'It's sucky that Bobby died.'
Jensen, 'I'm so sick of these sucky cars they put us in. And I'm sick for Dean too.
Jared and Jensen just shot commentary for season 7 DVD Slice Girls
Jensen likes the squeaky doors on the Impala because it adds character. Doesn't want them oiled


Jensen is here looking hot in jeans and a black hoodie good god.
They are both here and amazing.


Baby could come any second, Jared has his phone on.
Boys are as gorgeous and charming as always
Thanking fans for People's Choice Awards.
Jensen: Lots of things have sucked over the years. Jared: *point to Jensen*
Jensen: Season 8 is not official yet, but it looks good
Football talk, Major Applewhite, I don't know what this means.
Jensen misses the Impala
They start filming episode 20 tomorrow
Jared: Dean was a lot sexier when he came back from hell.
Jared's dream car is a Generation Two Corevette. Jensen wants the Impala


@jarpad tried to climb the set
@jarpad is sweating already
Jensen lowered his mic to crotch height
Jensen thinks Deaths Door is one of the best eps of the series
Jensen said season 8 looks good. Probably will happen with a shorter hiatus.
Jensen lived near the equestrian center in Burbank when he first lived in CA
Jensen is sick of driving the shitty cars and is sick of it for Dean too. He misses the Impala.
@jarpad keeps doing the nutcracker host impression from.Changing Channels. Jensen is starting to join in
Jensen said in season one it was easy to explain but now when people ask he says "I dont know"
Jensen threatened Gabe Tigerman when he drove the Impala
Jensen wants the Impala after they are done filming


Danneel hired a chef and had a bday celebration for Jensen last night
Supernatural will shoot until mid April. If picked up for season 8 there may be extra episodes


Jensen says Oscar is doing tremendous. He's about 70lbs but acts like a small cocker spaniel
Jared is in plaid, Jensen is in black. Not shocking. ;)
Fan: is Danneel even going to be on SPN? Jensen: I don't think so.
Jensen said having the Impala back so briefly was a tease.
Jensen on explaining the show: season 1? Urban legends, car, things that go bump in the night. Season 7? "I dunno..."


Jensen first lived in Burbank when he moved to Cali
Jensen is sick of the cars besides the impala and feels bad for Dean
It took A LOT of drugs to put Jared under for his wrist surgery
They did a commentary for Slash Fiction
Jensen wants to own the impala after the show ends. Wants it in his contract


What's the craziest thing Sam and Dean have done? Jared - "Nutcracker!
Seven seasons later and Jared and Jensen still can't explain what the show is about. They've done it all
Jared and Gen haven't come up with a name for their baby yet. They'll decide when he's born
Sebastian Roché, Richard Speight,Matt Cohen e Mark Sheppard

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