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[Supernatural] Burbank Con 2012

Mas uma convenção da series acontencendo neste final de semana, e ai ja võa as fotos, twitters e muito mais!!!

Gabriel e Robbert

Via Gabriel: "Anti possession charms at #burcon. Badass. Don't worry about it."

Chad e Robbert

Via Chad: "Backstage at #Burcon with the hip and happenin @Robbenedict "

Chad Lindberg Painel ( Fotos)

Chad Lindberg Painel ( Tweets)


@ChadLindberg is recording his own panel. Lol
Chad: Andy and Ash are a "thing


Chas thinks Sebastian is hot and needs the mullet
Jensen taught Chad how to shotgun the beer. Chad was so bad he made Jensen and Jared laugh so hard they had to end the scene


@ChadLindberg wishes we could have seen Ash on fire
Jensen taught @ChadLindberg how to shotgun a beer


chad's episode of ghost adventures will air early april we're going to see funny/scary/interesting reactions from him!!
chad considers himself a profession dier.....
if chad could kidnap & ransom anyone it would be jared & jensen for 5 million each!
chad feels blessed to have been a part of SPN & to be able to travel the world w/ the friends he's made cuz of it is awesome.
he says they ALL pinch themselves & it's become what it has all because of the fans!
if he could use any one word to describe Ash it would be bitchin!
chad would get giddy & freak out over Leo DiCaprio! He's loved him since Gilbert Grape!! Him & Ed Norton are his faves
chad wants to do a sven the uncool vampire blogger series at some point!
if chad could pick any character to play it would be sonny crockett from miami vice!


How does @ChadLindberg visualize Ash and Andy meeting. He's eluding to the fan fiction joke! He won't go there
Jensen showed Chad how to shoot a beer. It's on the gag reel. Jensen and Jared were laughing too hard over his failures
Out of the cast members, who would Chad fight? He's not a fighter. If he picked someone out though, it would be Misha
Chad's favorite episode in season two? Everybody Loves A Clown. Mine is Simon Said! Oh, he just mentioned that too
Chad loved his role on The Cape. He got to be an assassin and shoot guns. Then the show got cancelled. It's called N-B-C.
Is Chad a gamer? Sure. Angry Birds. Words and Friends. Scattergories. Those are my kind of games!
He's talking about the remake of I Spit on Your Grave. He loved doing it, even though it was a very heavy movie. Gruesome. I'll say!
Chad misses having fun on the set. He feels very blessed by the fans though and loves being part of this
Chad's giving acting advice to someone. He's telling her "commit" but she looks disappointed. He gives her a hug, she won't go away.
"It's the very first time in my life I felt awkward," she just told Chad. "I feel awkward for you," fan in front of me
Anyone Chad would fan boy over meeting? Leonardo DeCaprio, Edward Norton.
Twitter. What"s the craziest thing he's seen in a tweet? Fans that love on him and then turn on him. It's 99% positive though.
If Ash would sing a Karaoke song, what would he sing? "Don't Stop Believing" of course!
What show would Chad do? Kitchen Nightmares. What does he watch on TV? The singing shows, Lost, Ghost Hunters

Gabriel e Chad

Robbert Benedict Painel ( Tweets)


@RobBenedict is on stage now! He's commenting on the strange decor. He's looking great in that leather jacket!
Rob's really excited that he and @LoudenSwain1 get to play for the hometown crowd tonight!
A fan is requesting a song for tonight. Rob confessed they weren't planning on playing it, but now he might. Couldn't hear the name.
Rob learned how to play guitar on an old JCPenney one. He hated the lesson part of it. He ran into someone later who was better.
Since he's God, what is her future? He couldn't say much. "You're welcome my child."
Interesting fact, Louden Swain is a character from "Vision Quest." They all really love the movie
What's the one thing in the world he would want to fix? "There's a lot to change but there's a lot to be happy about."
Rob's telling the funny Alias story where he was running with Jennifer Garner and the camera was never on him
What's his favorite angel since every parent has his favorite kid? He's asking Castiel's status. "Dead!" the audience answers
Rob just saw Kripke at an audition for Revolution. The part didn't work out. The character changed
Rob's dream role? Having his arm blown off on MASH and getting Hawkeye to fix it. He also could be another brother on Six Feet Under
Rob mentioned "Luck" too as a show he'd like to do, but apparently no one in the crowd has heard of it. We don't watch HBO!
Rob's clarifying again, he didn't know he was God after he read the script. The crew pointed out to him in Vancouver
Rob loves how Chuck really got invested in Sam and Dean and grew to care for them. He got choked up over Swan Song
While Rob is giving an answer the screen under his image says "All Photo Ops From Today Are Ready for Pick Up." It's really strange!
Has he ever used the line, "I'm not God but I play one on TV?" No, but he will now
Why did Chuck contact Becky? He needed some love. He found out she came back and he dumped her. That's her side of the story!
What came first, a musician or an actor? Guitar playing and writing is extracurricular, acting is his passion
Rob was in an original 90210 episode directed by Jason Priestly. Everyone came over to watch, and they cut his line!
Someone is asking Rob for a restaurant recommendation. I guess there's not much in Burbank. Ventura Blvd has a lot. Who's driving!
Since Chuck's in love with Becky does he like that kind of personality around him? Crazy? Yes
Rob didn't have to act hard for the tooth in the hair, he found it to be a very creepy prop. Jared's pointing it out wasn't planned
Rob and Richard are going to be in Rome together. "How romantic!" Someone behind me shouts.
Rob loves how the show is breaking the fourth wall, especially mentioning the bad writing and the convention episode
Fan wants to pretend the love potion episode didn't happen. Then Rob sees some real sitcom potential there between Chuck and Becky
Kripke told Rob that he wants fans to think what they want to think about Chuck being God. Rob says Chuck was Kripke's voice.


Rob has been playing the guitar since 6th grade after his mom bought him one as a gift
If Chuck did karaoke Rob agrees that he would sing "What if God Was One of Us"
Who's Rob's favorite? Castiel.
Why? Because at @RobBenedict thinks Castiel is funny and unique and adorable
Rob would have liked to be on Cheers and have them call out his name when he walks in or be on MASH and have his arm blown off.
After reading the script, Rob himself wasn't even sure if he was God or not.
Rob was asked if he's ever been tempted to say "I'm not God, but I play him on TV." He said no, but he's going to use it now
Rob was excited when his character was paired up with the character Becky; "For the first time, I got the girl!
Q: Who's your favorite on screen God, Morgan Freeman or George Burns? A: with all respect to Morgan, Rob chose George Burns.
Rob asks what the deal is with the hats, the reply: Misha. Rob is not surprised; it's ALWAYS @mishacollins. Bacon? Bieber? Misha.
Rob would be open to Chuck working it out with Becky


Advice from Rob: befriend someone who is better than you, to learn a skill
If Rob met Harrison Ford he would shake
If Rob was really God he would get rid of the leaf blowers in his neighborhood
Rob did a Cas impression
Rob wants to go back in time to be on Cheers and Mash
Rob says hes the anti Misha because he actually answers the questions
Rob wants "I'm not God but I play him on TV" on a tshirt
Rob's favorite on screen God is George Burns
If Rob got kidnapped he would want @dicksp8jr to rescue him.
Rob thinks @sebroche would seduce a kidnapper


Per rob, chuck's go to kareoke song is I believe I can fly
Rob's a fanboy for Harrison Ford
Rob auditioned for Kripke's new show but no go. Bummer
When things get tough for Chuck he calls a hooke
There are very attractive men on the show per Rob when asked about homoeroticism on SPN
If Rob was kidnapped he'd want @dicksp8jr to save him since Richard would talk his way out. Sebastian would seduce the kidnappe


Fan: Thank you god. Rob: You're welcome, my child
Rob, on what he would change if he was God: More good stuff, less bad stuff. All we need is love.
Rob, on what he would change if he was God: More good stuff, less bad stuff. All we need is love
Rob (talking about Becky): She tied Sam to a bed. Me: Wouldn't you????


"It's a lot of pressure being God."- rob
Rob got choked up reading the voice over for Swan Song
"she's crazy pants...she's out of her mind."- rob on why it didn't work out between chuck and Becky


Rob is talking about the homoerotic subtext in Supernatural.
Rob: "I was really excited about the Becky thing. I really thought that might go somewhere."
Rob: "Misha. The answer is always Misha."
Rob: "Why is there a picture of you wearing bacon? Misha. Why do I have to wear a Justin Bieber shirt? Oh, Misha."
Rob agrees with Chris Rock that voice acting is easy. Wonder what @tarastrong would think about that


benedict just called becky "crazypants"
Kim Rhodes e Chad Lindberg

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