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[Supernatural] Burbank Con 2012 - parte 3

Jim Beaver painel

Jim Beaver Painel - Tweets

cuidado com os spoilers


@jumblejim performing some air guitar
is sad not to be a part of the show, but wants to do conventions til 2038
@jumblejim won 40 dollars playing poker in Vietnam but it's only because a rocket attacked in the middle of the game.
@jumblejim says he won't direct because directing equals work
@jumblejim says kissing Kim Rhodes was a lot better than some of the people he had to kiss on the show


What's been happening on the show? asks Jim.
Jim : next time they ask you to do an abominable snowman movie, say NO
What games do you enjoy in your spare time? He likes Solitaire...it's the only game on his iPhone!
Maddie's been tweeting all the time that she's going to surprise him wherever he is
What'll you do in your spare time? "You ever raise a 10 year old?"
Jim's fave line : "I'm gonna fill you so full of rock salt youll crap margaritas..."
Jim seems to be "unaware" of the missing beer and other stuff...
"Once they stop paying you, they stop telling you stuff..."
Fave Ep : he didn't like the end, but Death's Door was great. Also Weekend At Bobby's
Bobby was still alive would he & Jody have gotten together? "I HOPE SO!!"
It's fitting that he was Sheriff Mills on Harper's Island & Jody is also Sheriff Mills; he thinks it was meant to be
"I think you're overthinking, but that's what you guys do..."
"Kim Rhoads has no beard stubble..." Kissing her was better than kissing Mark
Jim's unhappy Bobby & Jody never got together
Lots of guys asking questions this panel
Serviceman thanking Jim for providing an escape and for being a good single dad.
Would you be on Dancing With The Stars? "What's it pay? Better question, would they participate with ME?"
"I'll do anything for money...or smatterings of applause!"
"Woulda been cooler to die running TO the bad guy rather than AWAY from him..."
Who would he pick for Sam & Dean's next mentor? "Bobby's twin brother Robby!"
Happy ending he'd pick? "He'd have a run-in with the law..." *eyebrow wiggle*
In Sioux Falls jail, he adds...
Does he think he'll be back on? "Sorta hopin' I'd have heard something by now..." He honestly has no clue
HOW could Bobby get back on? Cas is the audience's answer. "You say Cas or gas? Like there's a difference..."
Jim confesses he's not all that great on the mythology, so he's not quite sure HOW they could bring Bobby back.
He wants Jody to get possessed to be the crossroads demon to kiss!
Fave prank? In Death's Door, Jared kept playing with his toes while he was trying to be comatose. Not fave just the most recent.
On being directed by Jensen: "Wonderful director...prepared, skilled, insightful, communicative. He'd REALLY good at it."
Jim gets a standing ovation!!


Jim: "So what's been happening on the show? Something came up and I stopped watching it."
Jim: "I stopped watching the show. They lost a major character now I'm like 'What's the point?'
Jim: "I really didn't like the end of Death's Door."
Jim: "I don't think Bobby would be caught dead singing karaoke. Me either."
Jim: "Contrary to popular opinion, we sometimes just act on the show. We don't always pull pranks."


#burcon jim's sad to not be on the show but he says he got the best part with all the cons!!
aside from death not getting to hook up with sheriff mills was his biggest disappointment in the series!
Kissing Kim was a lot more than than the other people he's kissed on the show!! No stuble, soft, warm....married!!
Jim says the fans over think things but hell that's what you guys do!
last tweet in regards to msg board talk that bobby shooting his dad wasn't real just a fantasy in his mind
if jim had to choose a diff way for Bobby to die it would have been running toward the bad guy not away!
but he did get shot holding off dick roman so the boys could get away so that's ok


Bobby would have tossed both Sam and Dean into the maws of hell to get Sheriff Mills
If Jensen ever turns ugly he'll have a real career as a director per Jim


Jim ended the panel by thanking fans for an amazing 7 seasons of support

Misha Collins video

Misha Collins Painel

Misha Collins Painel - Tweets

- Wearing a brown shirt and black long sleeve shirt.
- Misha says Rich violates all rules of improv
- The purgatory souls were 58% redheads.
- Misha sucked a bunch of monsters into himself to play LeviaCas XD
- Misha bragging about GISHWHES..
- Misha describing the infamous Pasadena event
- If you were a wasp who would you sting...?
- He's stuck on giant killer wasps.
- Misha says he wants Jensen to direct him..
- "It's easy to eat a child if they're cut into pieces..."
- What's Misha's spirit animal? In fandom it's a black kitten; Misha doesn't approve
- "I'm not a kitten...I'm a she-llama."
- Misha said he has done improv. Telling rules of improv.
- Misha said he wanted to tear Matt's shirt off for "saying he wasn't good at improv".
- Misha cried when Bobby died.
- Emotional radio stories and the hero in front of the crowd make Misha cry
- Misha said he wasn't going to say GISHWHES and he just said it! He loved the 2 ft tall seagulls made from tampons
- Misha said it took 3 weeks to fix the yard in Pasadena
- Tomorrow is amok day. Do acts of kindness. Be nice to Jensen and Jared for a change!
- Be nice to Sebastian, but be careful...he takes things the wrong way.
- Misha has gotten fan mail that's made him cry...then he burns it. Lol
- Fav stunt: had to eat several 3 year olds for Leviathan in stomach scene
- Misha doesn't like being assigned a kitten as his spirit animal.
- Misha worked on a llama farm #burcon Telling how to make llama's mate.
- Misha: "Where is Matt? I'm gonna take my shirt off and get him!"
- Someone wants to ask Cas a question. Misha: "He's taking a nap right now."
- Misha says questions about cheese are off limits. But Cas would use cheese as body lotion
- Misha: "I cried when Jim Beaver died. Or should I say Bobby Singer. As you know, Jim Beaver is still alive."

- "I'm gonna take my shirt off and get gim." @mishacollins when hearing that @mattcohen4real said something about him.
- "the Irish do tend to get stuck in purgatory, I dont know why." um, cuz we're special?
- @mishacollins just mentioned how much he loves the Museum of Jurassic Technology in Culver City.
- "if it's not better than the last take, I'm bringing Jared on set." @mishacollins on how Jensen motivates him as a director
- "who else can say they've had fan experiences have led to 2 foot tall tampon & maxipad seagulls?" -

- Misha wants to decorate some trees with the seagulls made from tampons/maxi pads from the scavenger hunt
- Misha saw a wasp dragging a tarantula into its burrow. He scooped it up, brought it home and made sweet love to it.
- Picked a Romantic/horror movie with Jensen as his director. Since Jensen motivates him to work by threatening him with Jared
- Misha ate small children first coated in Vaseline to do the scene with all the souls trying to push out of his abdomen
- Misha will be dropping off care packages for homeless for AMOK #burcon and he plans on sending sweet texts to Jared and Jensen.

Matt Cohen, Richad Speight e Robbert Benedict Painel

Matt Cohen, Richad Speight e Robbert Benedict Painel - Tweets

best quote: "This is the most confusing conversation I've ever had." - @dickspeightjr perfectly describing the panel"

- Richard says he only wants questions about the eps they've done together.
- Matt and Richard are wandering thru the crowd, taking questions "Donahue style"
- Rob to Rich : WHO'S ON STAGE, BITCH??
- Misha has just been described as "painfully sexy
- Matt scolds a fan for coming in late.
- Matt says Jensen had succulent lips. Rich declares it the sexiest panel ever & we're only 5 min in!
- Do they believe in angels and demons? Rob is still overwhelmed by the Rick/fan kiss.
- Matt : you can touch my arms if you say I'm bigger than Jared...
- Rob admits to watching The Bachelor. Rick likes CSI Miami. #Burcon
- Matt's guilty pleasure is Cake Boss
- Richard talking about how they did a stunt involving a guy getting rolled over by a tank on Band Of Brothers.
- Rick once got knocked out in a fight scene.
- Rob : I'll have a show where I'm a writer, but I'm more important. I'm a prophet--no, I'm GOD!!
- What Rocky Horror character would you be? Crowd says Rob should be Brad or Frankenfurter

- Richard: "I know how creation figured this out. 'Which four people make the least sense?'"
- Richard: "I only want questions about the episodes we all did together."
- If they could be guests on any show, they would all be on Supernatural.
- Richard: "My favorite character is whatever Rick played. I don't even need to see it to know I love it."
- Richard: "We are five minutes in and this is already the most erotic Q&A ever."
- Richard: "Bears and bulls can't play sports!" Rob: "In Chicago they can."
- Rob believes in angels and demons "because... why not?"
- Matt: "I give out free hugs, not kisses!"
- Richard: "I have to admit, I really like Supernatural."
- If they could be in a tv show together, it would be about two brothers hunting demons. And Rob would be God.
- (On then coming back)Rob: "I think we would have to go back in time." Matt:"That's a great idea!Since I only show up back in time."
- Richard's favorite line: "Lucifer you are my brother and I love you, but you are a great big bag of dicks."
- Matt's favorite line was when he told the boys to shut up in the car.
- When Matt was playing Michael, he couldn't stop staring at Jensen's lips
- Richard: "I didn't realize until about 30 seconds ago what a creepy fan Rob is. Now I understand the restraining order."
- "What would your heaven look like?" Rob: "...I'm gonna go with Supernatural."
- Rob is singing about the last question
- "Wht 4 people make the least sense?" - @dickspeightjr describing panel w/himself @mattcohen Rob Benedict Matt Cohen
- "Who's on stage, bitch?" - Rob Benedict to @dickspeightjr (who was offstage) fighting over @rickworthy #BurCon #supernatural
- @rickworthy once got accidentally punched unconsious in an onscreen fight.
- Richard would like to play Rick's alphavamp. Rob wants to play Castiel. Matt wants to play Dean so he can have Jensen's lips.
- Rick just sucked face with a fangirl. Orgies coming up next
- @mattcohen is now climbing seats in audience & @rickworthy just kissed a guest. Craziness has ensued
- Rob is overwhelmed by Rick's make out scene. Richard to Rob, 'you're used to only watching that online'
- actor they wanna meet rob- harrison ford rick- marlon brando matt- meryl streep
- matt is showing rick how to do his jerk!!
- rich's fave line of his- lucifer you're my bro & I love u but u are one great big bag of dicks
- #burcon rob's fave hoard it like it's gold..I am the prophet chuck...is that a molar in my hair
- matt says it's a testosterone filled nightmare when he's on set with J2! But he loves Jensen's lips

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