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[Supernatural] A morte também participou da Toronto Con 2011

Esta é acredito eu , que já estou um tempinho sem acompanhar a fio todas as Cons de Spn , que Julian Richings (A morte) participa de um convenção. 

Julian Richings 

Fonte: LisaC11;stolethenight; all spn livejournal

Twitters painel  Julian Richings

- Julian is happily shocked at how many people are here.
- "It's been 3 episodes and a lot of food." - Julian
- Julian's most challenging shot was the first scene with the pizza. Lots of eating.
- Julian also loves cheap food
- Julian played the guy in the Winnie the Pooh Canadian Heritage Moment commercial.
- Julian says Supernatural is special in that it goes beyond other series in its creative choices (i.e Adding Jen Titus' O Death)
- Okay. Julian Richings is just adorable. So cute with the fan interaction.

- Julian Richings is on now! #TorontoCon He looks overwhelmed but seems like a nice man!
- Julian did tv show Lost Girl on a whim. He knew the director. Doesn't know if he'll be back on
- Julian loves junk food. Poutine, Fried Mars bars, wonder bread and fish sticks etc...
- Weird, strange, edgy, intense was on the casting call for Death. "It's a job for Julian!"
- Julian lives in Toronto and has done Theatre. He met his wife here and he has a daughter.
- Julian doesn't know if he'll be back on SPN. He's been filming the new Superman movie.
- *spoiler* Julian's scenes all take place on Krypton in the new Superman movie.
- Role Julian would like to have... Action Hero!!!!!

- "That's it, I get it! There's people lining up" -Julian. Just realizing how his questions work for this

- Julian says he tends to play characters that lurk and ppl are afraid to talk to him. But he's quite a nice person. Lol.
- Julian said Jensen was very gracious when he shot his first scene. Made him feel very comfortable
- Job description for Death was weird, strange, intense - ppl always think of him when it comes to these roles
- Julian was excited when he watched his first opening scene with the O'Death overlay
- Julian thinks Death has a real connection with the brothers & that he truly likes them

- When people see Julian, they mainly associate him with Death or a previous role where his character meant disaster would happen
- Julian prepares for his Death role by reading the scenes and 'playing it as a classical actor'
- It took a while for Julian to do something that his daughter could watch

- "I get to play a hilllbilly cannibal, which was a nice change." - Julian on Wrong Turn

- 'My mum's my fan.'' Julian

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