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[Supernatural] Convenção Toronto - Dias 7-9

Bom galera, e ai como vocês estão? Pesso desculpa pela demora na atualização do site, mas esses ultimos dias tem sido bem cansativos, e realmente não encontrava tempo para fazes as postagens.Mas deixando isso de lado, vamos falar sobre a convenção de supernatural que está rolando neste final de semana em Toronto Canadá, com as presenças : Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester); Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester); Misha Collins(Anjo Castiel); Matt Cohen (Jovem John Winchester); Amy Gumenick ( Jovem Mary Winchester); Gabriel Tigerman ( Andrew Gallagher);  Richard Speight, Jr (  Arcanjo Gabriel/ The Trickster[Brincalhão]); Corin Nemec (Christian Campbell); Traci Dinwiddie (Vidente Pamela Barnes); Damon Ruyan (Namorado da Jenny em Dead Man's Blood e Dream a little Dream of me); Julian  Richings ( Morte); Elias Toufexis (Weber/Ansen Weems); Cliff Kosterman (Tiny).
Matt Cohen Fotos

Fontes: wolfling;@dawnages;@hst1976;@xsarahdaylx;rockmusicplays tumblr; All spn livejournal
Twitters do Painel do Matt Cohen ( Assim que possivel traduzirei alguns)

LakenNovak on twitter@mattcohen4real just did the 'jerk'
@mattcohen4real likes giving the camera men a hard time by ducking off screen
Matt Cohen's ass is right behind me
Two sets of hair buzzers and eighteen razors to shave @mattcohen4real's legs for the transgender cowgirl role
@mattcohen4real just asked 'Who's Jeffrey Dean Morgan?
@mattcohen4real promised to hug everyone today
@mattcohen4real based Michael loosely off Heath Ledger's Joker originally until he talked to Jensen and gave him more humanity
@mattcohen4real based young!john off his wife's dad
@mattcohen4real would rather go back to #SPN as Michael than back to 90210
@mattcohen4real referred to @dicksp8jr as his life partner and confirmed their marriage
@mattcohen4real's favourite person to work with on set was Amy
"An alligator swallowed me and pooped me out" @mattcohen4real talking about his love for acting
Matt's reaction to fan fic: "holy shit"
@mattcohen4real has read Wincest that involved him + Dean in pig tails and a tutu and Castiel as in black leather "just kidding"
@mattcohen4real's biggest influences are his father and grandfather

EthicalPirate on twitter

Matt says he's a hugger
Matt had to play a transgender cowgirl
Matt says he's in love with jdm in grey's and he was for at least one episode
Matt: I'm papa Winchester. Jensen ain't gonna tell me shit!

GetTheSalt on twitter

"Jensen aint gonna tell me sh*t about getting dirt on the seat of HIS Impala. That is MY Impala."
@mattcohen4real is taking credit for Jensen's lips

summerstall789 on twitter

Matt:"I think half the credit of Michael goes to much as I hate to say it" lol.
Matt: "have anyone of read some of the fanfiction? Holy shit!" Hahaha. Matt's got a better imagination then some writers.
!!!!!!! Grain of salt time - I have NO clue what Matt said - or in what context.  Seems like he was joking about what would be in fanfic !!!!!!!!!!!!


Jensen and jared found on top of each other in lingerie, trying to prank @mattcohen4real LOL #torcon
Matt Cohen signs Richard's face, "that's my wife"
imapossemagnet on twitter
#torcon trick played him by Jensen a Jared dressed in night gowns?

Gabriel Tigerman and Elias Toufexis Fotos

Fontes: wolfling;@spngirl;lesleyburt; all spn livejournal

Twitters do painel de Gabriel Tigerman e Elias Toufexis


Gabriel Tigerman & Elias Toufexis are on now, thinks us fans are crazy awesome


Gabe woulda choose the impala to drive but only if he could get the velvet tiger

To Gabriel: I asked if he drove Impala and did anyone (Jensen) give him instruction.Also Did it purrrr. He responded Yes no yes, but only went 10 m/h

Supernatural fleshes out the guest stars and are very welcoming.

Gabe- Best thing about supernatural... DRIVING THE IMPALA! oh yes!

Jensen and Jared show disgusting pictures to Gabe & Elias before "action"

Twins' favorite spn ep... Wait for it... #SimonSays


Elias and Gabe want to be Sam and Dean.. Gabe is wearing a plaid shirt.. Elias is wearing a sexy black shirt

Jared was out a day of shooting when he broke his arm =(


As a child Elias went door to door dressed as a Jedi with a toy lightsaber, looking for Darth Vader

Gabriel says that Andy would never have turned his back on Sam. He would have stuck with him no matter what.


Andy does w h a t e v e r Sam says. McDonalds or no?!


Gabriel and Elias still follow SPN, but think it hit its peak on Simon Said ;)

Cruzeiro Misha Collins Fotos

Fontes: @imapossemagnet;@Rach_InColor;@EthicalPirate;@lesleyburt;@wolfling; All spn livejournal

Twitter do Cruzeiro Misha Collins

@broblematique Tweets

First thought upon seeing Misha: this is like looking at a unicorn. And. Oh woah. He's um so 3D

His hair is so brown

"how did they let you on the boat" "because I'm a pirate that's why"

"Guelph is not a real city you just made that up"

Misha: you're a pirate and you shouldn't be here. Me: I do what I want it's a free sea

Misha: that's really fucking freaky. Me: you have to have tea with us or we'll make you walk the plank. Then the fucker winked at me.

Me: I’m from way up north, took me two hours to get her
Misha: by car?
Me: no by bike. Of course by car
Misha: you’d be surprised

so i went up to misha and asked him if he wanted to wear my pirate hat -
Misha: absolutely not
*puts the hat on*
and now I smell like Misha Fucking Collins

@imapossemagnet Tweet

Misha just day down and talked & ate w us.I served him shrimp, he said thank you!

He's going from table to table now. It's nicer this way. Everyone gets a turn!

Hugs from the perfect host! Misha! Great eye-contact, dreamy eyes,sensual smile!

From Tumblr stopitsgingertime:

So Vaness (buenastardis) is at Torontocon right now and she got Misha to text me -

Misha: How may I service you. I'm being told by a "pirate" that you seek my advice.
Me: How many Mishas does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
Misha: Assuming I "care" about changing a lightbulb, I would make you screw it in for me then I'd give it a "surprising" twist at the end.


Less than 100 people are here

He's going from table to table now. It's nicer this way. Everyone gets a turn!

Beautiful time on the #MishaCruise People are dancing on deck.

Misha and everyone are above deck, dancing and having a great time. So fun!


Misha gave everyone a hug as we disembarked from the cruise! He is totally a class act

 Amy Gumenick Fotos

Fontes: @stolethenight;Spngrl;@wolfling; allspnlivejournal

Twitters do Painel Amy Gumenick 

LakenNovak on twitter

- Amy says the reason Mary took any precautions about yellow-eyes is 'She wasn't really thinking it through..'
- Enjoys challenging roles that require her to be mean
- This is the first time Amy has been to Toronto. She went to the CN Tower with Gabriel Tigerman yesterday!
- Amy says filming any serious/dramatic roles with Jared in the room was difficult because she always wanted to laugh
- Someone asked how Mary would have reacted to Samuel selling out the boys and she went serious and shook her head 'No'
-Says Mary would be proud of her boys but would probably wish she could take back the dea
- Gabriel just crashed Amy's panel
- Amy says she has wanted to act since watching Chicago when she was FIVE
- Amy says she would love Rachel McAdams role in the Notebook
- If Amy could be anything other than Mary on SPN she would be either Anna or Ruby
- "I would love to do SPN as a one woman show"
- Says Matt was so serious during the 'family road trip' scene that he was gripping the steering wheel, his knuckles white

Seththeviolent on twitter

- ~"How would Mary cope with the fact that Samuel sold out her sons?" Amy: *slow headshake*
- ~Amy texted Julie for advice about going to cons; 'Richard is making out with dudes.'
- ~Amy(on what role she'd like in any show or movie): "The cheesy romantic in me would love to be Rachel McAdams in The Notebook."

StoleTheNight on twitter

- Amy: there is nothing sexy about filming a sex scene

Dawnages on twitter

- Gabe just stood in line to ask Amy who her favourite guest star was.

SpnFamConsFans on twitter
- Amy says sex scenes are the most awkward things to film "Anything in pasties and boy shorts"

Richard Speight Jr. & Traci Dinwiddie Fotos

Fontes: @stolethenight;@imapossemagnet;@LoveJeter02;@dawnages;@Spngrl; allspnlivejournal

Twitters  do painel Richard Speight Jr. & Traci Dinwiddie


Traci Dinwiddie is now on stage!  Her hair is so short but looks awesome!


"You cannot be pissy with tinker bells" - Traci


Pudding, Assbutt, Pie

Traci is so inspiring.  talking about her humanitarian works and plans for these.

Richard's here now! Calling Traci out on not being at karaoke last night

"I feel like something very... Powerful... Just stepped into the room" - Traci parodying Pam when Richard arrived

"Hey, I'm a janitor with superpowers!" - Richard

"And then I see that I'm the Archangel Gabriel... The greatest janitor of all time!" - Richard


Rows are split up sing either 'pudding' , 'assbutt' , or 'pie'

Traci picks on the audience for not being in time with her drumming

traci is making fun of canadian slang ; 'aboot' and 'eh?'

Traci believes in premonitions and such

Most awkward thing for Richard on camera was playing a rapist

In history roles, Traci would want to play Joan of Arc and RSJ would want to play Hendrix

Richard doesn't understand french

RSJ enjoyed doing obnoxious things to J+J on set because they couldn't hit him for it

Traci's funniest moment on set was when she said 'toffed' instead of coughed /tooted and coughed

Traci told J+J about the toff she did and they laughed at her

Richard says Jared's biggest issue when it comes to gas is how tall he is and how his a-hole is right in your face

Fan; "Do you actually prefer pepsi max?" RSJ; "Are you filming this?" Fan; "Yes" RSJ; "Why of course I do!"

When @dicksp8jr first got his role on #SPN, he thought he was just playing a janitor

"Aw yeah! A janitor with super powers!" @dicksp8jr about finding out he was the Trickster/Gabriel

"What was it like filming the casa erotica scene?" RSJ; "That was actually my idea."


"Happy place, happy place, happy place, safe word!" -Richard on acting with woman in porn scene for Hammer of the Gods


traci is making fun of canadian slang ; 'aboot' and 'eh?'

Richard:erotica 19 producers come down to watch the shot! How ackward!


Richard is here! Crashed the sucking up to J2 party. Haha


"what's the most awkward thing you've done on cam" rich: you mean my camera at home?

Someone just asked rich if he really prefers pepsi max. No answer


Traci: it was like sucking on a jolly rancher. About kissing Jensen

Richard: so you basically said kissing Jensen is like blowing a farmer

Karaoke Fotos 

 Fontes: stilestilinskis Tumblr;@Balletvamp;@imapossemagnet;@stolethenight;@LakenNovak; allspnlivejournal

Twitters do Karaoke


Matt 'turned on' his microphone

Richard says fuck the rules

Gabriel Tigerman just had a fan's cowboy hat put on him

"I'm rough on the range" - Gabriel Tigerman

Amy has the cowboy hat on now!

Gavbriel and Elias doing "summer nights" and Gabriel is Sandy

Richard poking fun at one of the only guys at the concention

Matt keeps doing the 'jerk' at the karaoke

Gabe has taken over karaoke while photo ops happen

Everyone singing 'Backstreet's Back' by BSB

Amy and Elias are singing a duet

Some fans chose to sing thriller omg

Singing happy birthday to a fan while Gabe and Matt dance? O.o

Richard gave a fan his necklace for her birthday

Build Me Up Buttercup is being sung by a fan

A fan is singing Satisfaction

Sweet Home Alabama is on now

Apparently Gabriel Tigerman picked the current song which is Dancing Queen


Richard: theres a fire starting in my pants


~RSJ: "Creationent likes rules and they say you have to stay in your seat the entire time. I say FUCK THE RULES!"

Corin Nemec  Fotos

Fontes: @dawnages; allspnlivejournal

Misha Collins Fotos

Fontes: stolethenight; LisaC11;imapossemagnet; allspnlivejournal

Twitters do painel de Misha Collins

@GetTheSalt People are running to line up for Misha's questions
@GettheSalt Misha got led to a pizza place by strippers last night.
@summersfall789 Misha opened with talking about his sweaty body and his wet shirt
@GetTheSalt Misha talking about "Karla" - says he wasn't proud to be a part of it (understandable).
@LisaC11 Misha is clearing the air about Karla. He thought it was fiction He's NOT proud of it.
@LisaC11 Yup. He's a Belieber
@LakenNovak Fan; "Where do angels go when they die?" @mishacollins; "They stock shelves at Wal-Mart"
@LakeNovak Meanest thing j+j have done to Misha; Jared messing up his scenes
@MellyBelly626 Misha says Jared fondles his balls with a broomstick to mess him up.
@LakenNovak @mishacollins would spend the day with young!mary and 'crochet' with her
@Imapossemagnet Misha goes home in tears after a tough day with @jarpad and his side kick!
@LakenNovak @mishacollins poked fun at a fan with the name 'Karla'
@stolethenight Girl: I'm from kitchener. Misha: I love kitchens
@GetTheSalt Girl: I'm from Kitchener / Misha: Excellent, I love kitchens! // My city!
@GetTheSalt Misha thinks Matt Smith is a good actor (a little thin) but a good actor [**DOCTOR WHO ACTOR**]
@LisaC11 Misha thinks Matt Smith is a good actor (a little thin) but a good actor
@Imapossemagnet  Misha, tumblr source of reliable information (sarcastically) Dr.Who only watched 1ep
@LakenNovak @mishacollins has only watched one episode of Doctor Who, but likes Matt Smith's acting
@StoleTheNight Old school doctor who "scared the piss" out of him
@LakenNovak @mishacollins's thoughts on Cas becoming Leviathan; "I was like 'Aww yeah' and then 'Oh, he's dead'.."
@LoveJeter02 Misha was oooh....ugh when he found out he was turning into leviathan. He got really sick on set while filming the scene.
@LakenNovak @mishacollins got very ill during the filming for the Leviathan scenes, unfortunately
@GetTheSalt Misha is pulling all the Cas cosplayers on stage
@LakenNovak @mishacollins "I whisked my hair like I was on the Vampire Diaries or something." Talking about the French Mistake
@Miraimay Misha's fave part to play. French Mistake was funnest as himself except douchier!
@GetTheSalt Misha and West had their first skype face time yesterday
@Lovejeter02 Misha has had the boys kicked off set so he could film scenes since the boys were joking too much
@LakenNovak Fan; "Are you actually the anti-christ or was that just for publicity?"
@LakenNovak @mishacollins has enjoyed everything with Castiel and hopes he is revived soon
@LakenNovak @mishacollins is discussing how Castiel would come back in non-serious terms; caterpillar, mustache
@LakenNovak @mishacollins "the special effects alone cost a hundred dollars!!" - being sarcastic about S.Apocalypse
@GetTheSalt "It was a very big budget movie. The special effects alone cost almost $100" - Misha on Stonehenge Apocalypse
@LakenNovak A fan is explaining Tumblr to @mishacollins
@LakenNovak @mishacollins; "So, it's a website for the internet?..." Talking about tumblr
@LakenNovak @mishacollins; "So it's like facebook?" Audience; "NOOOOO"
@Imapossemagnet Misha got flack from his co-workers for doing Stonehenge Apocalapse
@LakenNovak Talking about West's future; @mishacollins; "I think that he's probably gonna be more interested in eating moss and rocks"
@LoveJeter02 Misha is looking at a book called "Go the fuck to sleep" LOL He read a line from it.
@LakenNovak @mishacollins's favourite angel was the naked cherub
@dawnages Misha's fav angel was the cherub, even tho he was sweaty when he hugged him
@LakenNovak @mishacollins went to a dojo with approx. eight world MMAs to train for his fighting scenes
@dawnages Misha pulled a fan on stage to ask her question because she was nervous to speak in public. She's still there, lucky girl!
@LakenNovak @mishacollins had a nervous fan come on stage to ask her question and semi-play fought with her
@Imapossemagnet Directed to learn how to fight...was quite satisfying beating the shit out of Dean/ Jensen. Cont after cut was called.
@LoveJeter02 Someone asked if Misha can screw the guys up on set. Misha says "No, I'm not allowed to fuck Jared up"
@Lovejeter02 Misha says payback is a bitch with Jared and it really is.
@LoveJeter02 Misha has the best bond with both Jared and Jensen on set but he likes everyone else equally.
@LoveJeter02 OMG someone asked about NipTck and If Misha is "that" flexible.
@LoveJeter02 Misha is really that flexible. He has a defect in his spine-back

@stolethenight Misha won't be in at least the next 10 episodes.

Jensen e Jared Fotos

Fontes:@LisaC11;@wolfling;@annielicious;@imapossemagnet;@XSarahDalyX; allspnlivejournal

 Twitters Painel Jensen e Jared

@LakenNovak: Fan screams "I LOVE YOU!" @jarpad says "I love you!" back (haha) #TorontoCon

@dawnages: Jensen's pet peeve is waiting for Jared. Jared's pet peeve is Jensen telling him to hurry up #Torcon

@GetThe Salt: What did Dean do with the trenchcoat? Jared promptly mimes being lavicious and sensual with it. #TORCON #torontocon

@dawnages: Jared asked what Misha did to us, everyone is being so protective of him. #Torcon

@memejbac18: Jensen: Happily ever after really? Is that how you want this show to end? #torontocon

@LoveJeter02: Jensen and Jared think the boys should go out with a bang when the show ends. #TorontoCon

@stolethenight: Jensen says Dean uses Castiel's jacket as a pillow #torontocon #TORCON

@dawnages: Fan asked if John W. will come back. Jensen said he's super busy but would love to come back in a heartbeat. Maybe for finale. #Torcon

@LakenNovak: @jarpad pretends to snore while Jensen answers a question #TorontoCon

@stolethenight: Person dressed at scarecrow asks a question. Jensen: Didn't we kill you? #TORCON #torontocon

@balletvamp: Jensen wants to use the grenade launcher in the Impala's trunk. Jared; "Clif, run". #TorCon

@LakenNovak: Discussing weapons in the trunk of the impala that have never been used; they want to use the grappling hook + grenade launcher #TorontoCon

@stolethenight: "Do you like to be famous?" jared: ILL TAKE THIS ONE JENSEN! #torontocon #torcon

@LakenNovak: Fan is fangirling hard over being before @jarpad + Jensen poked fun at her being speechless, "I don't understand the question." #TorontoCon

@SupportSPN: Jared just gave A Dogs Life Rescue & Doctors Without Borders a nice shout out. #TorontoCon =) #TorontoCon

@dawnages Jared said the best part about being famous is using it for good like charities etc but doesnt really like standing out. #TorCon

@summerstall789: #torcon fan: this q is for Jensen. Jared: Oh! Go to this side! Fan: Uh No. hahaha!

@mellybelly626: @Ali_Sweeney Jensen Ackles just praised you and said "She looks fantastic, doesn't she?" #TORcon

@dawnages Fan hugged Cliff & Jared said get your hands off my man. Lmao. #Torcon

@lovejeter02: Jensen doesn't currently have a car. #TorontoCon

@getthesalt: Sam is a Vancouver Canucks fan as per Jared #TORCON #torontocon

@LoveJeter02: Where would Sam and Dean go on vaca? Jared says Toronto!!! LOL #TorontoCon

@LoveJeter02: Dean would go berserk in a foamy bar in Cancun! #TorontoCon

@dawnages: If Dean was to go on vacation, he would go somewhere with foam parties and go nuts. #torcon

@dawnages: Jared doesn't like bears & Jensen doesn't like snakes, spiders and then Jared said kittens. #Torcon

@Imapossemagnet: #torcon Jensen afraid of little dogs and snakes

@LakenNovak: Jensen; "I don't like bears." Fan; "Bears are AWESOME." Jensen; "I'm afraid of snakes." @jarpad; "Snakes are AWESOME!" #TorontoCon

@lesleyburt: @jarpad says Sam forgave Cas easier than Dean because he has also made mistakes and realizes no one's perfect. #TorontoCon

@Imapossemagnet: #torcon Jared can't feel his legs! Finds his job sometimes challenging,demos how to calmly getting rid of bees.Jen says not his problem

@dawnages: Jared was nervous for the bad actors scene in French Mistake. Misha had to walk away from laughing so much. #Torcon

@imapossemagnet: #torcon Jared found bad acting nerve racking! Misha found it vibrating w laughter!

@imapossemagnet: #torcon Jared distracted by music and goes to happy place smelling hat!

@dawnages: Fan told Jared he's rocking the toque and Jared said that's Canadian for beanie. #Torcon

@imapossemagnet: #torcon Clif doing finger gestures on screen.Jensen goes after the culpert

@LoveJeter02: Jensen's personal heaven is "right here in this room! awwwwww #TorontoCon

@LoveJeter02: Jared difficult scene is Lucifer in the white suit. #TorontoCon

@LoveJeter02: Jensen says all of season 4 was difficult. #TorontoCon

@LoveJeter02: Best moment on show betw each other.. Awww Jared just hugged Jensen!! #TorontoCon

@Imapossemagnet: #torcon Jensen greatest moment,KM pranking, And somebody hung their bikes fr rafters.

@LoveJeter02: Impala upholstry is vinyl not leather. #TorontoCon

@LoveJeter02: Jensen is on stage talking abt a charity. The panel is done tho. #TorontoCon

Jensen e Jared  Fotos 2

Twittes painel Jensen e Jared

@LakenNovak: J+J are making fun of the fact Sam still has a hurt hand, but Dean's leg recovery time was incredible #TorontoCon

@EthicalPirate: Jared and Jensen are actually amazing. They sent congrats to Misha for ep 1 #TORCON #torontocon

@LakenNovak: Jensen knocked over Jared's mic stand #TorontoCon

@LakenNovak: Jared said he was holding Gen's hand and Jensen quickly said, "Gen, not Jensen." Jared said they could have been though #TorontoCon

@LakenNovak: Talking about when the bowl of 'blood' in the gag reel knocked over and Jared did the girl step back from the spillage #TorontoCon

@LakenNovak: A fan said they were on the cruise with Misha and missed the episode and Jensen picked on them #TorontoCon

@EthicalPirate: Someone said they missed the ep cause of Misha cruise. Jensen: OH RIGHT THE ONE EP I DIRECTED YOU'RE ON A BOAT RIDE WITH MISHA #torontocon

@Imapossemagnet: #torcon Jared at Pearl Jam fangirl, Jensen embarrassed !

@LakenNovak: Jensen recently saw Money Ball and really liked it #TorontoCon

@Imapossemagnet: #torcon Jensen screws up grabbing wrong script... Memorizing skills working overtime!

@LakenNovak: Jensen only did the two episodes of the animated series because of the strict schedule #TorontoCon

@EthicalPirate: Jared wants an spn movie so "Sam and dean can do R rated stuff" Jensen: CLARIFY CLARIFY CLARIFY!! #TORCON #torontocon

@LakenNovak: Jared thinks a movie format would be nicer because they can 'man up' AKA swearing and not saying 'That was darn cool!' #TorontoCon

@LakenNovak: Jensen turned around when a fan asked Jared's least favourite and favourite hairstyle #TorontoCon

@LakenNovak: Jared; "I don't like it when they try to get my hair to cooperate." #TorontoCon

@LakenNovak: Jared is interrupting and answering the questions Jensen is being asked #TorontoCon

@Imapossemagnet: #torcon Jared wanted to shave his head...asked permission! Kripke said what is this!Felicity...

@LakenNovak: A fan asked a question about friday's episode and J+J picked on the fan who hadn't scene it #TorontoCon

Fontes: allspnlivejournal

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