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[Supernatural] Chicago Con 2011- Mais fotos

Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki Breakfast

@Z3nyatta "The Boys" are in the house!
@skyisfaliing The boys are in the building but not here yet.
@Jacen736 Gen sent clothes for Jared to wear but Jensen had to tie his tie
@heather_spn: Jensen tied Jared’s tie this morning
@heather_spn Jared never learned how to tie a tie, so Jensen just does it for him
@Jacen736 Jensen's dad taught him how to tie ties early
@Wali21 Jared sent the clip of the promo from last episode without getting approval from legal.
@Clarity67 Js just tossed St Louis fans out 4 loss of Rangers hee
@Jacen736 J2 told fans from St. Louis can leave referring to Texas Rangers loss to Cardinals
@Jacen736 Jared says he & Gen are having a boy!
@Clarity67 Its going to be a boy for Jared and Gen!
@Clarity67 Gen due in March!
@heather_spn Jensen keeps hurting his hand with the guns
@CrisHazel Jared said that Jensen better hope he has a girl then. Jen replied w/ 'yeah, so she can man up the character of sam.'
@Jacen736 Jensen ripped open his palm holding a gun on the show
@wali21 Gross, Jensen is talking about injuries he's got while filming...'flap of skin'
@Clarity67 Jared doing butt scoot about dog anal gland story
@Wali21 Jensen cancelled a dinner on Friday because the place had a jacket requirement.
@Wali21 The craft service dude is also a registered nurse. Jared said 'in Canadia' lol!
@ReallyAlly Now Jared is talking about popping his pimples...
@lostndanet Massive zit Jared had that needed to be treated... then he couldn't pop it... funny

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Party (Festa) Chicago Con 2011

Misha Collins Painel

 Fonte: @piecesofpie79,@darkmerrick,@clarity67,@build_the_moon

 Sebastian Roche e Mark Pellegrino

- Mark & Seb singing duet "Lean on me, and I'll hold your balls." 

- Sebastian likes playing the naughty bastards. ;)
- Sebastian:"Every time [Mark] comes on the Show, he's brilliant." Then hug
- Sebastian says working with Heath Ledger was amazing
- Awww... The recently tweeted photo with Sebastian, Jared and Jensen is an old photo. Not from an upcoming ep.

- Sebastian and Mark decided to ramble and ignore Q & A
- Mark didn't consider Jacob #Lost a very good person and Lucifer has more fun so he enjoys that role more
- Sebastian prefers the naughty characters
- Sebastian: oh fuck I have to stop swearing there's an 11 year old Kunt!
- Sebastian: again! Fuck! @ another question directed at Mark
- Sebastian doesn't know who Chuck is! Bahahaha!
- Sebastian calls Mark LuLu for Lucifer
- Mark on Lord Voldermort: cometic surgery hello your a fuckin wizard!
- Talking about fave villans like heath legers The Joker
- Sebastians was asked what do you like... he replied: I love big buts and I cannot lie!
- Sebastian proceeded to sing... me so horny!
- Sebastian reaction to being killed off: FUCK!
- Mark reading his script: bullshit, bullshit, my part, bullshit, bullshit, FUCK!
- Sebastian caims not to have enough Vnecks!
- Sebastian said no drawbacks in crowdsurfing... he likes the finger up his...
- Mark things crowdsurfing should be a sport
- Seems like there is a strong consideration for Supernatural the movie ;)

- Mark: "Can we just ramble?" Sebastian: "We don't like Q&As."
- Mark: "I like the fun things. Mayhem, torture, murder."
- Sebastian: (After finding out he's been cussing in front of children): "I'm going to hell." Mark: "Yes, you are."
- Mark: (about modern vampire portrayal): "I wanna kick them in the ass."
- Sebastian says he chewed on Nina's neck.
- Sebastian is traumatizing an 11-year-old.
- Poor Taylor. Scarred for life.
- According to Mark and Sebastian, booze is the solution to everything
- Mark: "I wanna kick Darth Vader's ass."
- Mark Pellegrino says Voldemort should have gotten plastic surgery with a prosthetic nose.

- Mark likes playing Lucifer over Jacob. Seb likes playing the naughty bastard
- Mark Pellegrino saying 'I want to suck your balls' and now Sebastian saying 'Fuck' 'shit' and 'cunt' omg
- According to Mark Pellegrino, the only difference between Jacob and Lucifer is a fifth of stoli.
- Mark Pellegrino wants to kick Edward Cullen in the ass. And Bishop is modelled after Mr. Rogers
- Mark Pellegrino rubbing his nipple to make fun of the vampires in The Vampire Diaries
- Sebastian saying 'ear muff,' not 'earmuff.'
- Sebastian and Mark need some Beaver.
- Mark Pellegrino has set up his house in case of zombie apocalypse.
- Mark Pellegrino says he can kick Darth Vader's ass and that Vader's a pussy.
- Mark and Sebastian doing gay dinosaur rawring.
- Sebastian doing a good impression of Dean's 'son of a bitch!'
- Mark speaking Italian and Seb speaking French.
- Sebastian wants to have a V-neck pair of pants.
- Mark is a gamer and plays zombie games

- Seb and Mark hug and then Seb starts to get on his knees! Hahaha! #ChiCon
- "Did you just use the C word?!" - Mark P to Seb
- "On a flight from Hawaii to Vancouver, just pound the alcohol. After 7th cocktail, Lucifer just comes out." - Mark
- Oh God! Lucifer singing Mr. Roger's theme
- Mark's flinging the F word all over the place!
- Mark apologizes to Taylor, an 11 year old, after every swear word.
- "I like Beaver" - Mark
- "I am preparing for a zombie apocalypse" - Mark
- Mark is wearing a tshirt that says "Brains: It's what for dinner" 

- Mark Pellegrino wld pick Jim Beaver 2 be stranded on an island w/ bc he never worked with female characters & wld need some beaver.
- Mark Pellegrino is sort of speaking French and Italian
- Mark & Sebastian are singing happy bday to Brooke, a fan.
- If Sebastian died and came back as an object, he'd be Jennifer Lopez's vibrator. Mark would belong to Sophia Vargara
- Lucifer said dagnabit lol

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Videos : Chad, Sebastian, Mark, Matt e mais...

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